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Custom Products

PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

T300-0209 - Mainsheet Car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



10000kg (22045lb)


20000kg (44092lb)

Yacht Model:

75ft Trimaran

Name: Kingfisher (B&Q Castorama)


Product Features:

The six part series 42 car body is designed to run on a bent length of track at the centre of the boat, but also has to run on the straight lengths of track on the float arms, so a machined or bent ball bearing race would not provide this dual function,or provide the high mwl required for this powerfull multihull. Three series 125 Orbit blocks are webbed onto the stirrup of car providing a 4:1 mainsheet purchase. Control line Orbit blocks are also webbed to the machined slots in the stirrup connector arms.