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Custom Products

PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad – Yachts of Sweden

M774-1115 Magic Wheel for backstay adjustment

Product Type:

Other Custom Product

Yacht Model:

Various yachts up to approx.40ft loa




12m (40 ft)

Product Features:

Chosen in preference to a hydraulic backstay system due to its lighter weight, faster response, and more precise control. This alloy fitting with Torlon® ball bearings provides near friction free performance and is used on racing yachts of approximately 40ft LOA with a typical backstay maximum loading of around 2800 kg. With an external 4:1 purchase and a composite wheel (not included in this part number)of about 800mm diameter a power ratio of approximately 80:1 is achieved. The following extra parts will need to be ordered to complete a backstay system: 1x RF109108 Series 100 Orbit halyard block for first fall of above transom purchase. 1x RF69108 Series 60 Orbit halyard block for second fall of above transom purchase. 1x RF69151 Series 60 Orbit footblock to be attached to bulkhead below deck to lead to the magic wheel. 1x RF62175 series 60 pivoting ratchet block for attachment to a convenient position for the trimmer (normally the steering pedestal). 1x RF40101 for use with a piece of elastic shock chord at some point close to the Magic Wheel to keep the rope tail clear and tensioned when the backstay is eased. 1x Composite wheel of approximate diameter 800mm for attachment to the Ronstan Magic Wheel,this part is not supplied by Ronstan,it is usually made by the boatbuilder typically in GRP or carbon fibre.