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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

M280-2972 Series 280 2:1 purchase top swivel

Product Type:

Other Custom Product

Part Number:



7000 kg


14000 kg


2.213 kg

Yacht Model:

Various yachts

Product Features:

This series 280 top swivel has a 75mm diameter al.alloy plain composite bearing sheave incorporated to provide a low friction 2:1 purchase capability for the halyard. A typical system would have the halyard dead ended at the top of the hoist on the front of the mast and then passed through the 75mm sheave of this swivel which is attached to the head of the asymmetric or code zero sail to be hoisted. Using 2:1 purchase has the advantage of halving the load in the halyard which makes hoisting easier work and reduces the compressive load in the mast. Having a halyard dead end on the mast and a sheave box in the mast just below the dead end provides a stable securing for the head of the sail eliminating the risk of the halyard twisting when the sail is being furled. A spring loaded locking pin is used for fast fitting and removal of this fitting to the head of the sail. A neoprene swivel cover RS228015 is included with this fitting.