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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

B100-1115 Series 100 single block with high hand polish st.steel cheek plates

Product Type:


Part Number:



4000 Kg 8818 lb


8000 Kg 17637 lb


1.621 Kg 3.5 lb

Yacht Model:

12mR Class

Name: Design 434

Johan Anker


Robbe & Berking Classics


21.64m 71 Ft.

Product Features:

This series 100 block has highly hand polished st.steel cheek plates and head pieces to match the classic look and quality of a new build 12mR yacht. The al.alloy sheave fitted is silver anodised and runs on a plain central bearing with torlon ball bearings to handle any side thrust and to ensure smooth running, suitable for up to 18mm diameter rope. All cheek fasteners are highly hand polished and are recessed to provide a smooth appearance. The block has a swivel eye which is suitable for attachment to standard padeyes RF2434-16B and RF2435-16B. On this yacht the block is used as an upstanding block with padeye RF2434-16B around the mast at deck level to lead the halyards to the winches. The 12mR yacht that this block is designed for was the final design of the famous Norwegian Johan Anker who sadly passed away in 1940 shortly after completing his final masterpiece. Due to the outbreak of war the boat was never built. Robbe & Berking are currently building this yacht for a Scandinavian owner