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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

M026-1658 Series 26 High Load Captive Ball Bearing Headboard Car

Product Type:

Batten Car Systems

Part Number:



1.381 kg 3 lb

Yacht Model:

Open 60 IMOCA

Name: Virbac Paprec 3,Hugo Boss,Gamesa etc.





60 ft 18.3m

Product Features:

This series 26 Captive Ball headboard car has been designed for use on IMOCA Open 60 class yachts. The headboard car has an Al.alloy machined stirrup with machined slots for webbing attachment to the head of the "Fat Top" mainsail used on these powerful yachts. There are two styles of Ronstan Batten car system being used on these yachts,the Captive Ball system and the Ball Bearing system both of which run on the same series 26 track. A typical Captive Ball batten system would consist typically of: 1x Headboard car M026-1658 1x HL Fat Top batten car M026-1771 6x (number depending on sail design) HL batten car M026-1770, RC42663 Intermediate cars and RC42672 used as required to suit sail design. A typical Ball Bearing system would consist of: 1x Headboard car M026-1668 1x HL Fat top batten car M026-1774, 6x (number depending on sail design) HL batten car M026-1773. All the above receptacle pins fitted in the batten cars have M12 threads and are machined from St.steel 17-4 ph for ultimate strength