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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

T042-1325 Series 42 Quadrace traveller car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



3900 kg (8598 lb)


7800 kg (17195 lb)


1.9 kg (4.19 lb)

Yacht Model:

TP 52

Name: Valkyrie

23.5m (52 ft)

Product Features:

This Series 42 car uses the high load carrying Quadrace bearing system which is particurarly efficient at carrying loads at an offset angle due to the extra support/bearing surface provided by the extra captive (torlon) ball bearings. The car body is fitted with a pivoting stainless steel 316 stirrup with attachment slots for mainsheet and control line lashing blocks. The pivoting stirrup serves two functions,it spreads the mainsheet load evenly into the car body and directs the resultant loads as close to the center of the car bearing system as possible. On this particular boat a 2:1 prchase "German" mainsheet system is used with a single series 100 block being lashed to the car stirrup. This car is identical in design to car T042-1130 apart from the anodise on this car being black in colour (car T042-1130 is silver anodised)