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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

M026-1722 Series 26 Spinnaker pole car for the Xp 44

Product Type:

Other Custom Product

Part Number:



1550 kg (3417 lb)


3100 kg (6834 lb)


0.656 kg (1.45 lb)

Yacht Model:

Xp 44


X-Yachts Design Group


X-Yachts Denmark


13.29m (43.6 ft)


8650 kg

Product Features:

This series 26 spinnaker pole car has been designed for use on the Xp 44 which has a spinnaker area of 170 sm (1830 ftsq) The car body is fitted with torlon ball bearings. The tower spacing and vertical pin diameter have been designed for use with the OH fitting 810987-21.5mm Bayonette with 12mm pin hole. The vertical 12mm pin is held secure in the car body and prevened from turning by an M6 socket set screw in the tower of the car body. Series 40 al.alloy sheaves with torlon ball bearings are attached to the vertical pin for 2:1 purchase car control