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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

B125-0601 Series 125 wide sheve footblock

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5000 kg (11023 lb)


10600 kg (23369 lb)


0.932 kg (2 lb)

Product Features:

This series 125 Orbit footblock is fitted with a 36.5 mm wide sheave.The extra wide sheave allows for greater exit and entry angles of the sheet into the block. The block is often used for a winch lead block in an athwartship mainsheet system where the sheet from the mainsheet car such as RC14219 will be a few degree above horizontal,and the sheet exit from the block to the winch will again be a few degree above the horizontal.If a standard footblock is used for this application chafe of the sheet on the cheek plate is likely and possible binding of the sheet experienced. The block has two 10mm screw fastening holes and one 8mm screw fastening hole