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B075-0944 Series 75 wide sheave Orbit spinnaker sheet block

Product Type:


Part Number:



2450 kg (54012 lb)


4900 kg (10802 lb)


0.456 kg (1lb)

Product Features:

This series 75 Orbit block has been designed for use as a spinnaker sheet block where two sets of sheets and a snap shackle are required to pass through the throat of the block.To achieve this the block is fitted with a wider than standard Orbit sheave and the cheek plates have been "stretched". In the head of the block a removeable shaped thimble is fitted to enable the block to be attached to the boat with a spectra or similar strop. Similar blocks have also been made in series 100 (B100-0919) and series 125 (B125-0617) for use on larger yachts. The series 100 block was fitted to the 69 footer "Pendragon 6" and the series 125 to the Volvo 70 "Telefonica" for the code zero sheets.