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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

T042-0895 Series 42 traveller car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



1600 kg (3527 lb)


3200 kg (7055 lb)


0.624 kg (1.38 lb)

Yacht Model:

60 ft hydrofoil

Name: Hydroptere


Dassault Aviation


18.3m (60 ft.)

Product Features:

This very simple series 42 traveller car has been designed for the extreme 60 foot hydrofoil "Hydroptere" for use as a mainsheet car.Each individual car has a MWL of 1600 kg so to achieve the required total MWL of the mainsheet system seven of these 113mm long cars are lashed together using Spectra strops.The car bearing system used is series 42 Torlon ball bearings.The mainsheet car had to made up of a train of short cars to enable it to run around a track with double curvature on the center line,and run on straight track at the ends of the track. The webbing slots in the tower of the car has rounded corners to avoid chafe on the spectra strops.