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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

T042-0847 Series 42 control car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



2700 kg (5952 lb)


5400 kg (11905 lb)


1.147 kg (2.53 lb)

Yacht Model:

ORMA 60 Trimiran

Name: Brossard

18.3m (60 ft)

Product Features:

This car is used on the ORMA 60 trimiran "Brossard" to deflect the 2:1 purchase mainsheet car control line to the winch.The position athwartships of the car is set by a spectra strop secured to the mainsheet car.When the mainsheet car (T042-0848) runs down the track the unloaded leeward control car is pushed along the mainsheet track by the mainsheet car.This control/guide car is therefore the same length as the mainsheet car T042-0848 in order that it can run on the series 42 Quadrace ball track that is bent in two planes.The 2:1 purchase control line is dead ended near to the end of the track and passes via this car before being led back back to windward to the control line winch.Runing the control line in this way has the advantage that the amount of rope required for the control lines (which on such a wide boat is excessive) is substantially reduced.This reduced amount of control line not only saves weight but also helps to avoid rope tangles in the cockpit caused by excessive amounts of rope.