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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

B100-0557 Series 100 triple block with ratchet and cleat

Product Type:


Part Number:



1300 kg (2866 lb)


2500 kg (5511 lb)


1.387 kg (3.06 lb)

Yacht Model:

Match race one design

Name: DS 37

Danish Match design team


11.25m (36.9 ft)


3900 kg (8598 lb)

Product Features:

This block was designed specifically for the Danish Match racing circuit.It is used on the 37 foot one design racing yacht DS 37. This boat does not use a mainsheet traveller system simply a 6:1 purchase block system attached to the centre line of the boat in the cockpit.This means that a very powerful efficient triple 100mm diameter block is required.With the very severe changes of course experienced during match racing guides on the sides of the block are required to help prevent the sheets from being tangled during such manoeuvres.The central sheave of the block is a ratchet sheave to help the mainsheet trimmer hold the high loads.The cleat used is the "A" cleat RF5210.This block is used with a triple top block B100-0556 which is also fitted with side guides