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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

M026-1133 Series 26 Reef car

Product Type:

Batten Car Systems

Part Number:



1850 kg (4078 lb)


3700 kg (8157 lb)


0.475 kg (1.047 lb)


18m (59 ft.)

Product Features:

This series 26 car is fitted with sliderods in order to carry high static loads seen at the reef points,the reduced effeciency of the sliderods not being too detrimental to the system because such a car would only be used in the lower part of the rig where the travel of the car would be small.The car can also be used as a cunningham car.The top shackle is attached to the reef line or cunningham strop and the bottom shackle used to attach a control line. Typically this car would be used for a reef car on race yachts up to approximately 18m length overall,or could be used as cunningham car on slightly larger yachts with "soft" mainsails in which case only a short length of track would be fitted in the tack region of the mast