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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

G042-0577 Series 42Q Quadrace transverse genoa car

Product Type:

Part Number:



4000 kg (8818 lb)


8000 kg (17637 lb)

Yacht Model:

Volvo 70

Name: Movistar

Bruce Farr


Boat Speed


21.4 m (70 ft)

Product Features:

This transverse genoa car is a series 42Q Quadrace car.The important features of this car are that it will handle a high load,and that the four torlon ball bearing races are captive,so that the car can be removed from the track without loosing the bearings. This captive bearing system enables the car to be very efficient and can be stowed down below decks when not required. The car incorporates a plain bearing roller in the centre for the control of the floating block.If a 2:1 purchase is used for floating block control then the dead end of this control line is made via a machined hole by the side of the roller. Athwart ship control lines for the genoa car are attached to the machined holes in the car ends,all machined holes have rounded edges to prevent chafe to spectra lines.