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T030-0798 Series 30 traveller car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



2400 kg (5291 lb)


4800 kg: (10582 lb)


2.98 kg (6.6lb)

Product Features:

This series 30 mainsheet traveller car (torlon ball bearings) is used on yachts up to approx. 14m (46 ft) length overall .The car is used on an athwart ship style of mainsheet where the mainsheet is dead ended on one side of the boat, passes through the first RF78000W sheave, up to the boom end block, back to the second RF78000W sheave on the car, before being led to the opposite side of the boat where it is deflected to a primary winch For the transverse control of this car six series 50 (alloy with torlon balls) sheaves are attached to the car body providing a 6:1 purchase. The car can be used wit two end controls T030-0799 end control, which is fitted with a cleat. This car The car can only be used on a straight track.