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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

T100-0625 Series 22 Traveller Car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



880 kg (1940 lb)


2180 kg (4806 lb)


0.865 kg (1.906 lb)

Yacht Model:



Niels Jeppesen




10.31m (33.8 ft)

Product Features:

This series 22 mainsheet traveller car has been designed as a racing upgrade for the popular cruiser/racer X-332.The car is fitted with torlon ball bearings.The cleat arms attached to the car are specifically designed to clear the recess in the moulding of the cockpit seats. An 8mm shackle is used to attach the mainsheet block. A block upstanding spring assembly is included with this traveller. The double series 40 sheaves (torlon balls,alloy sheave) attached to the car provide a 5:1 purchase with the control line being dead ended in the hole provided on the cleat arm. This mainsheet traveller car should be used with two end controls T100-0444 which have been designed specifically to suit the shape of the cleat arms used on this traveller car. Mainsail area: 35.54 SM (382.5 Sft.) NO.1 Genoa area:32.67 SM (351.6 Sft.)