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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad – Yachts of Sweden

T030-0723 Series 30 shackle car

Product Type:

Traveller Systems

Part Number:



1650 kg (3638 lb)


3300 kg (7275 lb)


0.469 kg (1.034 lb)

Product Features:

This simple car has an 8mm shackle used to attach blocks with upstanding spring assembly RF324-2.The car is supplied with four loose M6 screws and nuts that can be used to effect a secure fastening of various towing and link plates if required. Alternatively standard fittings RF1053 or RF1051 can be used with this car. This car has been used to create various multiple traveller car solutions in a “lego” system, in particular for cruising catamarans. The attachment plates used include: T030-0723 D2 Connector plate (order x2) to sit between three cars T030-0723 to which control sheave RF70151 can be fitted. T030-0723 D4 Simple link plate to link two T030-0723 shackle cars. T030-0723 D5 Tow sheave plate that can be fitted onto the end of car T030-0723 used to attach block RF60151. T030-0723 D6 Tow sheave plate that can be fitted to the end of shackle car T030-0723 to enable block RF40151HL to be attached. T030-0723 D7 Simple high load tow plate that can be fitted to end of shackle car T030-0723. T030-0723 D8 Connector plate that can be fitted between two shackle cars T030-0723 and fitted with two blocks RF70151.