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PHOTO CREDIT:© Najad Yachts of Sweden

M400-0734 Series 55 Headboard car

Product Type:

Batten Car Systems

Part Number:



13000 kg (28660 lb)


26000 kg (57319 lb)


13.18 kg (29 lb)

Yacht Model:

30.48m (100 ft.) Cruising Catamaran

Name: Blue Bay

30.48m (100 ft.)

Product Features:

This series 55 (torlon ball bearing) high load headboard car is designed with a single 15mm al.alloy connector plate rather than the more typical fork style of stirrup. The reason for this unusual design is that the mainsail head is fitted with a carbon fibre stirrup which slots over this single plate connector and a 30mm pin is then inserted to secure the sail.