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PHOTO CREDIT:© Onne van der Wal
Removable Screw-in Padeye Anchor Device

Removable Screw-in Padeye Anchor Device


Single point anchorage systems have long been used to provide an attachment point for crew when cleaning the hull, superstructure and windows of large motor yachts and other vessels.

With today’s greater awareness of workplace risks, boat builders and surveyors are seeking to ensure a high standard of safety by specifying systems that are purpose designed, tested and standards-approved.

Ronstan supports this approach, which can only improve the safety and security of the persons using these systems in their everyday work, and has developed Single Point Anchorage systems which have been tested and certified by Lloyd’s Register to the relevant European and Australian Standards.


  • Removable screw-in padeye anchorages are certified to the European standard EN795:2012, Type A, as well as the Australian standards AS1891.4.2009 & AS5532:2013.
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel structural anchor base, screw-in anchor device and identification plate.
  • Identification plate with manufacturer’s markings and unique serial number.
  • The screw-in anchor device can be removed from the structural anchor base when not in use for safety or maintenance. It should always be locked to the base when in use using the locking screw.