T-Track Traveller System

Series 25, Jib Lead Cars


  •  Low profile and lightweight

  Product No. Desc. LengthM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RC72504 RC72504 Composite slide, removable M4 pin, plunger stop 1025001000107
 RC72505 RC72505 Composite slide, saddle, plunger stop 8040080072
 RC72506 RC72506 Composite slide, saddle 6740080057
 RC72533S RC72533S Composite slide, Series 40 AP block, stand-up, suits up to 10mm (7/16") rope, plunger stop 80400800137
 RC72536S RC72536S Composite slide, Series 40 BB Orbit Block™, stand up, suits up to 9mm (5/16") rope, plunger stop 102325700144
 RC72537S RC72537S Composite slide, Series 55 BB Orbit Block™, stand up, suits up to 10mm (3/8") rope, plunger stop 1025001000180
 RC72540S RC72540S Racing Kit, including 2 x 465mm (18 5/16”) racing tracks, 2 x composite slides with Series 55 BB Orbit Block™, 4 x track ends, 10 x track bolt insulators -5001000816
 RC00030 RC00030 Flexible buffer, suits RC72504 T-Track Slide ---4


For small keel boats and sportsboats T-track jib leads are a great blend of performance and functionality in a simple, efficient package. Composite slide bodies with plunger stops run on anodised aluminium track, and allow quick and easy manual adjustment.


Composite jib lead cars continue the design philosophy of the award winning Ronstan BB and RT Orbit Blocks™, with virtually all metal components now replaced with high-tech polymers and fibre equivalents. The car design has been modelled and optimised using finite element analysis and rapid prototyping techniques to achieve maximum strength-to-weight characteristics. Orbit Block™ models use a Dyneema® Link which is 10 times stronger and lighter than steel, to provide the articulated connection between block and car.

Integrated Functionality

The clever 2-piece car body is moulded from a composite material that delivers low friction on the alloy track without the need for separate inserts. It also provides the required mechanical strength without the weight and corrosion drawbacks of metal parts. An integrated becket at the forward end of the car suits 2:1 sheet systems and the removable threaded pin allows easy fitting of alternate blocks and accessories.

Low Profile and Compact

Sleek styling and the positioning of the attachment pin provide a low lead aft for the lead block. The Dyneema® Link allows full articulation. The plunger stop button has a flush finish and the contoured form of the car eliminates the chance of lines and sails becoming snagged.

Precise Adjustment

The ergonomic plunger stop button combined with low friction of the car body allows for easy one-handed adjustment. The toggle is located at the rear of the car for easy access from the cockpit on sports boats and small keel boats. An arrow is located on the side to indicate the position of the stop for repeatable settings. A new ‘Racing’ track has 25mm (63/64") stop hole spacing for even more precise control of the car position and sheeting angle.


  • Headsail sheet leads on boats up to 8m (26ft).


  • Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon slide.


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