Product No. Desc. LengthWidthWeight
 RC1550-4.0 RC1550-4.0 157 5/1655-
 RC1550-5.0 RC1550-5.0 499655-
 RC1551J RC1551J Joiner 60.0-30
 RC15581A RC15581A End stop, aluminium, with mainsheet take-off point, end cover plate 190852250
 RC15585 RC15585 Control end, 100mm (4") sheave & becket 2101022140
 RC15585A RC15585A Control end, 100mm (4") sheave & becket, mainsheet dead end attachment point 2651023380
 RC1550-1.0 RC1550-1.0 99655.02400
 RC1550-2.0 RC1550-2.0 199655.04800
 RC1550-3.0 RC1550-3.0 299655.07200
 RC1550-6.0 RC1550-6.0 599655.014400
 RC15580 RC15580 End cap 85.075.0155
 RC15581 RC15581 End stop, alloy, 110mmL x 76mmW (4 5/16" x 3") 110.375.5477
 RC15583 RC15583 Adjustable stop 185.0125.02050
Silver track available - Order as RCxxxxxS


TRACK FASTENINGS – 12mm (1/2") countersunk fasteners at 100mm (3 15/16") centres
STOP HOLES – 50mm (1 31/32") centres


  • Main and mizzen sheet systems on monohulls to 36m (120ft) or multihulls to 23m (75ft)
  • Self tacking jib systems on boats 23m (75ft) and above
  • Genoa cars used on boats 28m (92ft) and above
  • Sliderod outhaul systems are used on boats to 36m with conventional reefing and in-mast furling systems
  • Also be used on multihulls 23m (75ft) and above