Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØFastener ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RF2379 RF2379 Single upright 135-4.025050020
 RF568 RF568 Single upright, removable sheave 195-5.025055020
 RF569 RF569 Single upright 198-5.025055020
 RF917 RF917 Single upright 198-5.025050020
 RF453 RF453 Single, upright lead 22335.016032030
 RF919 RF919 Single upright, removable sheave 296-5.0600120050
 RF20171 RF20171 Single upright 206-4.025055018
 RF20174 RF20174 Single pivoting 206-4.025055030
 RF30171 RF30171 Single upright 308-5.030075030
 RF30174 RF30174 Single pivoting 308-5.030065050
 RF40171 RF40171 Single upright 4010-5.0350100060
 RF41171 RF41171 Single upright 401045.0400100059
 RF50171 RF50171 Single, upright lead 5012-6.05001500116
 RF50171HL RF50171HL Single upright lead, HL 5012568001500115
 RF51171 RF51171 Single upright 50126.07501500115
*Load ratings vary depending on mounting and application.


Lead blocks are a low profile solution for leading halyards or other rig sail controls back to cleats or jammers.