Utility Blocks

Series 25mm & 30mm Narrow


  •  Lightweight durable construction
  •  Economical
  •  Maintenance free

  Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØPin ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight
 RF81 RF81 Double, loop head 308--450110040
 RF82 RF82 Triple, loop head 308--550110060
 RF83 RF83 Double, becket, loop head 308--450110050
 RF185 RF185 Single, tube rivet 308--30090020
 RF186 RF186 Fiddle, tube rivet 30 + 408--30060050
 RF187 RF187 Fiddle, v-jam cleat, tube rivet head 30 + 408--30060060
 RF188 RF188 Single, becket, tube rivet head 308--30060035
 RF285 RF285 Cheek, curved base 308--30060042
 RF341 RF341 Single, becket, v-jam cleat, removable pin head 255--22545030
 RF343 RF343 Triple, becket, v-jam cleat, loop head 255--500100075
 RF417 RF417 Double, tube rivet 308--450130040
 RF2335 RF2335 Single, narrow, tube rivet 255--17535065


Stainless steel cheeks and Acetal sheaves ensure a long service life with virtually no maintenance.


  • Vang, cunningham and trapeze retriever systems on dinghies
  • Leech line tackles, bunk adjusters etc on larger yachts


  • U.V. stabilised Acetal sheaves
  • Grade 316 stainless steel cheeks