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  • Low profile
  • Lightweight car bodies

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Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhance efficiencyQuick-Release batten receptacle cars allow quick and easy removal of the mainsail for changeover, repair or stowage. Stainless steel ball joint links provide movement in all directions and up to 105 degrees either side of centre - also available to suit
A88.0 mm
B26.0 mm
C36.0 mm
D- mm
E47.0 mm
Weight145 g
  • Monohulls to 14m (46ft) or sail area 44 m2 (474 ft2)
  • Multihulls to 11m (36ft) or sail area 37 m2(398 ft2)
  • RC119xxD - suitable for monohulls to 13m (43ft) or sail area 43m2(463ft2)
  • RC119xxD - suitable for multihulls to 10m (33ft) or sail area 36m2(388ft2).
  • Alloy car bodies
  • Torlon® bearings
  • Grade 316 stainless steel ball socket