ANDERSEN Stainless Steel Winches

Andersen sailing winches have built a worldwide reputation for excellence. As beautiful as they are functional, our unique stainless steel winch drum design features exclusive vertical Power Ribâ„¢ technology that firmly grips the line with minimal abrasion. We offer a full range of single and two speed manual winches in self-tailing and classic models, as well as electric and hydraulic power-driven winch designs perfect for larger sailing yachts. Our E1 and Compact Motorâ„¢ electric winches allow effortless sail control at the push of a button, with unrivalled levels of efficiency, monitoring and protection.

The beauty of Andersen winches is far more than skin deep. Each model has been highly refined over 50 years of real-world sailing experience. We use only the highest quality marine grade materials to provide a premium winch that will last for years, even in the harshest of marine environments. The reliable choice for racing and offshore cruising sailors alike, if you are looking for the best winch available, look no farther than Andersen. We proudly manufacture each model to set an exacting standard that all other sailboat winches follow.

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